March 14th Snow Alert

We will be on a delayed schedule for the rest of the week.

We ask that you place your recycling and trash out the night before your rescheduled pickup because we might have extra trucks on the road or have to run it differently. Make sure all trash and recycling is dug out of the snow and if you are using white bags please mark the bags with color so that it can be seen in the snow.


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Hughes Trash Removal is a family owned business and has operated in Carroll County for over 30 years. Over that time span, it has stretched its service area to cover Baltimore, Frederick, Howard, and Montgomery Counties for commerical and roll-off customers.

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Hughes Trash Removal is an all-in-one company for your refuge needs.
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Learn about: Recycling Service, Roll-Off Service, Port-A-Pot Service.


Bad Weather Policy

Effective immediately Hughes Trash Removal's bad weather policy will be if we close completely and do not run your route that week you will receive a credit. This credit will be the weekly amount minus landfill fees. The only way a full weekly credit (our weekly cost ) can be given is if you take the trash to the landfill and send in a receipt showing that.

In order to receive any credit, you will have to call in to request that.
If we run the route that day and you do not have trash out, it is buried in the snow, or we cannot get in your street due to bad road conditions, we will not credit your account.


Holiday 2018 Pick Up Schedule

5/28 Memorial Day
Pickup 1 day behind all week

7/4 Independence Day
Mon Regular Pickup Day
Tues Regular Pickup Day
Wed - Fri Pickup 1 day behind
Friday Pickup on Sat

9/3 Labor Day
Pickup 1 day behind all week

11/22 Thanksgiving Day
Thurs Pickup on Fri
Fri Pickup on Sat

Christmas Day & New Years Day
Mon Closing at noon, Early pickup for all customers, have items out night before.

Tues - Fri Pickup 1 day behind
Fri Pickup on Sat



Items like Stoves, Dishwashers, TV’s etc. can be
picked up with regular trash. However you need to
call to have the item placed on the Bulk Item list for
pick up. There will be a nominal charge because of
the item weight.

Hazardous Waste, Tires, Construction Debris,
Car Parts, and Yard trimmings, CAN NOT be
taken with regular trash. These items can be
taken to your local landfill.

Other items like Old Trash Cans, Buckets,
and CAN BE picked up but you need
to mark it with a note to throw away.

You may pay online above or mail.
Please mail your payment with
your bill to:

P.O. Box 259, Hampstead, MD 21074

Or Call 410.374.6467 to make a credit card payment over the phone

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